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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Ruth Turvey - Head Teacher

Mrs Karen Kirkham - Deputy Head, SENCo & DSL

Mr James Grant - Key Stage 1 Assistant Head Teacher

Miss Gemma Coombs - Early Years Assistant Head Teacher


Safeguarding & Pastoral Mentor

Miss Donna Wallace


Administrative Staff

Mr Longville - Business Manager

Miss Cox - Business Support

Mrs Madani - School Administrator


Key Stage 1 Teaching Staff

Year 2

Beech Class - Miss Lloyd

Sycamore Class - Mrs Betts 

Rowan Class - Mr Grant and Mrs Kirkham

Year 1

Willow Class - Miss Markey and Miss Whitlock

Hazel Class - Mrs Aspbury and Mrs Price

Oak Class - Miss Siab


Key Stage 1 Support Staff

Year 2

Beech Class - Mrs Cheese

Sycamore Class - Miss Timmins

Rowan Class - Mrs Mainwood

Year 1

Willow Class - Mrs Heaford and Mrs Cartwright

Hazel Class - Mrs Fox and Mrs Patel

Oak Class - Mrs Parkes


Early Years Teaching Staff


Maple Class - Miss Coombs

Elm Class - Miss Charman and Miss Watkins

Chestnut Class - Mrs Lowe and Miss Markey


Saplings Class -  Mrs Yiallourou


Early Years Support Staff


Maple Class - Mrs Watkins-Betjemann

Elm Class - Mrs Jenner-Flukes

Chestnut Class - Miss Shepherd



Miss Barnett

Miss Green

Mrs Patel


Little Acorns Staff

Miss Clarke - Room Leader

Miss Reid

Miss Harris



Mrs Cooper

Mrs Green


Special Needs and Provision Support Staff

Miss Fellows

Mrs North

Mrs Porter

Mrs Stait

Mrs Oakley

Miss Holt

Mr Bolton

Miss Taylor

Mrs Williams

Miss Sherwood


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Arnold - Principal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Fox
Mrs Jeavons
Mrs Jukes

Mrs Patel

Miss Reid
Mrs Rowberry
Mrs Saleem

Mrs Wherton
Mrs Williams


Maintenance Staff

Mrs May - Site Manager

Miss Sutton - Head Cleaner

Mrs Fellows - Cleaner

Mrs Wherton - Cleaner

Mrs Lewis  - Cleaner


Staff currently on maternity leave

Miss Hill - class teacher