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At Silvertrees we want our children to be curious about their own locality and the wider world. We use our head, hand, heart approach for children to see the links between human and physical geography, to understand the world and the people within it. We want to make a difference by encouraging our children to think geographically, to see the world in a unique way, through understanding and making connections from local to global. We use a range of tools to explore geography such as maps, globes, atlases to gain key knowledge to compare, describe and create in geography.


At Silvertrees we take a head, hand heart approach in all subjects to develop the children's  knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. These are the head, hand, heart aims we want all children to achieve in geography by the end of Year 2...

To achieve the curriculum aims in geography, long term plans sequentially map learning using the Rising Stars Geography scheme ...


Geography in our school:

Geography subject statement