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Silvertrees Curriculum

At Silvertrees Academy we provide a curriculum that is engaging, inspiring and enjoyable. We want our children to develop a love of learning and at the same time give them the key skills and opportunities to succeed in the 21st Century. Our curriculum will provide the children with a wide range of experiences to allow them to become ambitious, independent, confident and resilient learners. Our children are the heart of Silvertrees and their learning journey at the school will give them the knowledge and skills to be a good citizen. We want them to work collaboratively, showing respect for others and to develop a love of language. At Silvertrees we want to ensure that the children have the best possible start to a happy, healthy and successful future.

The Silvertrees Academy curriculum has been designed with oracy at its heart. We believe that everything starts with talk. Talk supports thinking and that means it supports learning, so, we believe that oracy is the key to all learning.

We support this through our curriculum by using high quality texts which are carefully chosen to promote a love of reading and with learning designed to link concepts across the curriculum. We encourage children to share their thoughts and ideas, the children are at the heart of their learning, they share their prior knowledge and are active participants in planning what they want to learn. At Silvertrees Academy we aim to inspire the children to ‘Be The Best You Can Be”.


The Learning Journey

Early Years Foundation Stage
Little Learners' Learning Journey
Reception's Learning Journeys
British Values