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Computing Curriculum Statement


At Silvertrees Academy, we believe all pupils have the right to opportunities which will enable them to gain knowledge and skills to equip them in their future lives. With technology playing a significant role in society today, we believe ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill in which children need to be taught to protect them in an ever changing digital world. We want children to become autonomous, independent users of computer technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment from their activities. Not only do we want them to be digitally literate and competent users of technology but through our computer science we want them to develop creativity, resilience, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Pupils will be introduced to a wide range of technology during our computer science sessions, which include laptops, iPad, and interactive whiteboards, allowing them to practice and improve their ever growing skills.


The National Curriculum for computing aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Understand algorithms, abstraction, logic and data representation;
  • Have a practical experience of writing programmes and solve problems;
  • Experiment with and evaluate new technologies in an analytical manner;
  • Are responsible, confident, competent and creative users of information and communication technology.



To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in computing, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. At Silvertrees, computing is taught using a blocked curriculum approach. This ensures children are able to develop depth in their knowledge and skills during each of their computing topics. Teachers use the ‘Discovery Coding’ published by Espresso, as a starting point for the planning of their computing lessons, which are often linked to other subjects and topics. Planning cross-curricular links supports them to make connections in their learning.
The implementation of the curriculum also ensures a balanced coverage of computer science, information technology and digital literacy. The children will have experiences of all three strands in each year group, but the subject knowledge becomes increasingly specific and in depth, with more complex skills being taught, thus ensuring that learning is built upon.  

At Silvertrees Academy, the safety of our children is paramount. Therefore we ensure that children are taught as young as Nursery and Reception the importance of talking to an adult they trust if they see or hear anything online that makes them scared, worried or sad. In our KS1 curriculum we build upon this by ensuring children understand the importance of keeping their personal information including photos safe and reminding them of the importance of talking to adults they trust if they feel unsure about anything. We do this using a range of modes from cartoon videos to listening to podcasts from Newsround.



Our computing curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. We focus on progression of knowledge and skills and discreet vocabulary progression also form part of the units of work.

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Assessing children’s understanding of topic linked vocabulary before and after the unit is taught.
  • Images and videos of the children’s practical learning.
  • Interviewing the pupils about their learning (pupil voice).
  • Moderation staff meetings where pupil’s work is scrutinised and there is the opportunity for a dialogue between teachers to understand their class’s work.
  • Annual reporting of standards across the curriculum.