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At Silvertrees Academy Art and Design education is fully inclusive to every child. We are passionate about exploring the world around us and expressing our ideas creatively. We recognise that Art and Design stimulates creativity and imagination. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world. It enables children of all abilities to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form, pattern and different materials and processes. Throughout their time with us, children will be provided with opportunities to learn about artists, crafts people and designers both past and present and those from different cultures. In doing this, children will gain an understanding of how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the diversity, culture, creativity and wealth of our nation. At Silvertrees Academy, Art and Design is planned to meet the needs of all of our children, giving them the opportunities to

Be the Best Artist they can be’

At Silvertrees we take a head, hand heart approach in all subjects to develop the children's  knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. These are the head, hand, heart aims we want all children to achieve in art by the end of Year 2...

Art Long Term Overview

Art Spine

Curriculum Enrichment Day 'Awesome Artists'