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Phonics and Reading

Phonics and Early Reading



We want children to leave Silvertrees with a love of reading and the ability to decode and understand texts they read.

What we do in school:

Every child at Silvertrees receives a daily phonics or spelling lesson. We use our own synthetic systematic phonics programme based on Letters and Sounds. In Year 2 we use the Rising Stars Spelling programme.

  • Children are taught the sounds and how to read and write these in words
  • These are the sound:

  • Children read in groups and individually with adults throughout the week
  • Children bring home a ‘Guided Reading Books’, ‘Home Readers’ and Library Books
  • To find out more, click on our curriculum statement

Guided Reading Book

Year Group

Phonological Awareness


Phase 2 Set 1 & 2

Phase 2 Set 3

Phase 2 Set 4

Phase 2 Set 5

Phase 3 Set 6

Phase 3 Set 7

Phase 3 Set 8

Phase 3 Set 9

Phase 4

Year 1

Phase 5a

Phase 5b

Phase 5c


Year 2






How you can help at home

  • Hear your child read for 5-10 minutes every day
  • Help your child to remember to bring their book bang to school daily
  • Share stories with your child (using your home language too if it isn’t English)
  • Talk about everyday activities
  • Visit the local library
  • Make up stories together
  • Encourage your child to reach the reading rewards:


To find out more about phonics and reading at Silvertrees, click the documents below.