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Religious Education

At Silvertrees Academy, we understand that RE plays an important role in helping our children become confident individuals and responsible citizens. Through our well-planned and ambitious RE curriculum, based on the SACRE (Sandwell Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education), we aim to equip all our children with the skills to enable them to respectfully express their views and attentively listen to the opinions of others.

The three principal intentions of the SACRE are: making sense of religious and non-religious beliefs, understanding their impact and making connections. In Early Years, children learn that people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways, as they begin to understand what makes each of us unique. In Key Stage 1, children learn about the specific religions of Christianity, Sikhism and Islam, including the importance of traditions, stories, symbols, holy books, places of worship, and the beliefs of each religion. Through our RE curriculum, we encourage our children to be curious and to ask questions to support their understanding, but also to share their own experiences with others. 

Our children enjoy RE lessons and have expressed how they, “love learning about different religions because it’s interesting” and that, “it’s good to share knowledge because we are all different”.

At Silvertrees we take a head, hand heart approach in all subjects to develop the children's  knowledge, skills and positive attitudes. These are the head, hand, heart aims we want all children to achieve in music by the end of Year 2...


To achieve the curriculum aims in religious education, long term plans sequentially map learning using Sandwell's agreed religious education syllabus ...

Religious Education Curriculum Statement