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School Clubs

Silvertrees Academy has a selection of clubs that are held after school from 3.15-4.00pm which are supervised by support staff.

These clubs have no cost for pupils to attend but we are limited the amount of children we can have in each club.  

The current clubs being held after school are: 


Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday  Friday   
Reception Gardening Club   Reception Lego Club Reception Art/Craft Club  
Year 1 Story Club Year 1 PE Skills Club Year 1 Gardeing Club Year 1 Art/Craft Club  No Clubs on a Friday

Year 2 Football Club &

Science Club

Year 2 Gardening Club Year 2 Art/Craft Club  


Parents will receive a letter before the end of each of half term, for the opportunity to put your child's name down for a club. Please make sure you check your child's bag to ensure you don't miss this letter.