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Week Commencing 6th July 2020

Reading – Week 11


Monday 6th July:



Tuesday 7th July:

  • Log into your Rising Stars library and read one of the books chosen for you by your class teacher. Complete the quiz and try to earn a bronze, silver or gold star!

  • Email your class teacher if you need your login details.
  • Challenge: imagine that you were the author of the story you have just read. If you were going to write another book about this main character, what would the story be about? What would the plot of the story be? Where would it be set?


Wednesday 8th July:

  • Visit BBC Bitesize by clicking on the link below and learn all about another important woman in history called Mary Seacole.


  • Watch the video and read the facts to learn all about her.
  • Complete the fact poster activity and order the events activity online.
  • Challenge: write down 3 facts that you have learnt about Mary Seacole and share these facts with your family.  





Thursday 9th July:

  • Open the document below - The Camping Trip.
  • Read the story about a little girl who goes camping with her Mum and her brother.
  • Once you have read the story, answer the questions using your Rex Retreival and Isa Inference skills.
  • Challenge: have you ever been camping? If so, what did you enjoy about camping? Would you go again and why?

If you haven’t been camping, would you like to go? What would you look forward to doing if you went camping?


Friday 10th July:

  • Now it’s time to think about and reflect on the week you have just had!
  • Open the My Week document below and complete the poster by thinking about what you have been up to and what you have learnt this week.
  • If you can’t print this poster, you could create your own on paper and use this one as a guide to inlcude all of the different parts.
  • I know that one of my favourite parts of this week has been seeing all of your lovely faces at the Leavers Assembly – I have missed you all so much!