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Week Commencing 4th May 2020

Monday 4th May:

  • Visit Espresso – click on the link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Exploring Non-Fiction: this will take you to lots of different non-fiction texts. Choose a text to focus on (my personal favourite is Dinosaurs!)
  • Complete the reading and understanding activities for the non-fiction text you have chosen.



Tuesday 5th May:

  • Visit the BBC Bitesize website and explore the Small Town Superheroes game. Here you will find a Reading and Understanding activity where you have to read short pieces of text and answer the comprehension questions. Follow this link:



Wednesday 6th May:

  • You should have had a text message last week informing you about our new online library called Rising Stars (email your class teacher to get your login details).
  • Log into your Rising Stars library and read one of the books chosen for you by your class teacher. Complete the quiz and try to earn a bronze, silver or gold star!



Thursday 7th May:

  • Open the document below ‘The Runaway Iceberg’ and read the story about the penguin adventure.
  • Now answer the questions about the story – remember to use your Rex Retriever and Isa Inference skills!
  • You can answer the questions in your purple book if you can’t print it out.




Friday 8th May:

  • Open the document below ‘Dinosaur Babies’ and read the non-fiction text about dinosaurs.
  • Answer the questions as you read this text – remember: use the text to find the answers!
  • You can answer the questions in your purple book if you can’t print it out.