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Week Commencing 27th April 2020

All of the resources you need for this are saved below if you wish to print. However, do not feel you have to you can answer the questions in your Home Learning Book.


Monday 27th April:

  • Read the non-fiction text about Nocturnal Animals – follow this link:

  • Challenge: Write an interesting fact about each nocturnal animal from the text. Which animal do you like the most? Why?

Tuesday 28th April:

  • Choose a story to read – this could be one of your own or a school book.
  • Challenge: write down 5 questions that you could answer about the story.

For example: If I read the story Zog, a question that I know I could answer would be – what colour is Zog? or what does Zog really want from his teacher?


Wednesday 29th April:

  • Choose a story to listen to on Espresso – follow this link:

  • Then click on Activities and complete the comprehension task to go with the story you just heard.

Thursday 30th April:

  • Open today’s document, read part 1 of the story Prince Cinders and answer the questions. Use your Retrieve with Rex skills and find the answers in the text!
  • Challenge: Use the new vocabulary from the story in sentences of your own – remember, you can use a dictionary, ask an adult or do an internet search to find the meanings to new words.

Friday 1st May: