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Week Commencing 22nd June 2020

Reading – Week 9


Monday 22nd June:

  • Open the document Monty the Manatee – Part 1.
  • Read this part of the story and use your Retrieve with Rex and Isa Inference skills to answer questions about the story so far.
  • Have a go at completing the challenge by thinking about an experience you might have had that is similar to Monty’s.



Tuesday 23rd June:

  • Open the document Monty the Manatee – Part 2.
  • Use your Retrieve with Rex and Isa Inference skills to answer the questions.
  • You can now listen to the full story by following this link – enjoy!


Wednesday 24th June:




  • Log into your Rising Stars library and read one of the books chosen for you by your class teacher. Complete the quiz and try to earn a bronze, silver or gold star!
  • Email your class teacher if you need your login details.
  • Challenge: choose one of the characters out of the books you just read. If you could give them a gift, what would it be and why?





Thursday 25th June:

  • Visit BBC Bitesize by clicking on the link below and explore this geogrpahy game called Pirate Bunnies World Adventures.
  • You have to use all of the geography knowledge you have learnt in Year 1 and 2 about the UK and the World.      

  • You might learn something new – write any new facts in your purple book!
  • Challenge: teach your family the songs we know about the 7 Continents of the World and it’s 5 Oceans.




Friday 26th June:


Who was your favourite character in the story and why?

What does this character look like? What is their personality like?

Where was the story set? Draw a picture of the setting.

What was your favourite part of the story and why?

How many stars would you rate this book out of 5?

Would you recommend this story to a friend, why?

How did this story make you feel?

Retell this story in your own words to someone in your family.