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Summer 1 Week 5

Reception Week 5 Weekly Challenges


Challenge 1

Using the story telling boards, in resources, if you have a dice, use it to create the story and have a go at telling your own story, depending on what you land on.

If you do not have a dice, you can choose them yourself.




A long, long time ago, there lived a mermaid, her name was, Seashell. She lived with her mom, her dad and her baby brother. One day, Seashell decided to go for a swim, she went too close to the beach and a wolf was waiting for her. Next, the wolf dragged Seashell from the water so that him and his friends could eat her all up. Seashell saw a glowing red apple, she wriggled and jiggled as fast as she could towards the apple, she took one bite and grew some legs, she took another bite and she could ran really, really fast! Finally Seashell ran back to the sea and swam back to her family, where she belongs. They lived happily ever after. The end.


Challenge 2

Thinking about our story, there are lots of healthy foods.

Can you and your family find and cook a healthy recipe and then you could write some instructions on how your cooked your recipe.

It could be something you eat for your breakfast/lunch/dinner, it could be a snack or a pudding.

Please send pictures of your cooking/food to your teachers and your instructions. We would love to see!