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Summer 1 Week 5

Reception Week 5 Literacy Home Learning



Our book focus this week is: Supertato by Sue Hendra (the same as last week)









If there are any other words you are not sure of, ask an adult for some help. Maybe you could use a dictionary or google to find out what they mean?


Monday 18th May 2020

If you have got this book at home, get someone to read it to you. If not you can listen to Mr Richards reading the story on our website but if you can remember it from last week then great! Here is the link:


Now try answering these questions about the story:

Who are the main characters?

Who are the heroes? Who are the villains?

Where is the story set?

What is the problem?

How does the problem get resolved?



This of all of characters in the story and see if you can remember what they say?

Today, you are going to be writing speech bubbles. If you cannot remember what the characters say, have a look at the story and have a go at writing what they say, in your own words and sounding it out, on your own, using your Phonics sounds and robot arms.

When you have written your speech bubble, draw the character that is talking.

See resources section for a speech bubble template.


Tuesday 19th May 2020

Re-cap the story Supertato

Can you use your story map from yesterday to re-tell the story?

Re-cap words of the week – Distress and Shriek

What does it mean?

Can you think of another word that means the same?


Draw a picture of each of the characters in the story.

How many are there altogether?

Around your picture, can you write some adjectives (describing words) to describe the character. This might be about what they look like, it might be about how they act, it might be about what they would feel/taste like if you were to eat them.

See example below:



Challenge: What vegetables do you have around the house? Can you find some and think of describing words for those too? How do they feel? Do they smell? What do they taste like? You do not have to write these down but tell someone in your house about what you find.




Wednesday 20th May 2020:

Re-cap the story Supertato

Re-cap words of the week – Distress and Shriek


Last week, you designed your own superhero. This week you are going to be MAKING your own vegetable/fruit superhero.

See examples below:

Challenge: When you have made your own superhero, can you write a sentence about it OR write instructions on how you made your superhero.


Thursday 21st May 2020

Re-cap the story Supertato

Re-cap words of the week – Distress and Shriek


Yesterday, you created your very own superhero.

Today, you are going to be making up your own story.

Think about:

What other characters would in your story?

Where would your story be set?

What problmes occur?

How do the problems get solved?

When you have thought about this, tell your story to an adult or another member of your family.


Try and use some story language:


Challenge: Write your story down and send it to your teacher.





Friday 22nd May 2020

Re-cap the story Supertato

Re-cap words of the week – Distress and Shriek

All of this talk of food has made me hungry!

Can you draw/paint/make a healthy plate of food and label the foods on your plate. Maybe you could even think of some describing words for the food on your plate? E.g. A big red apple.

REMEMBER, the words don’t have to be spelt correctly, as long as they can be sounded out phonetically. E.g. apl for apple, helthee for healthy etc.


Don’t forget – If you have done some work and would like to show your teacher, don’t forget to email them a picture.