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Summer 1 Week 4

Welcome to another week of Literacy home learning!

We hope you enjoyed the 3 little pigs last week.

This week our book focus is… Supertato!

Monday 11th May 2020


Listen to Mr Richards reading this story on our website-
follow the link below

Now try answering these questions about the story:

Who are the main characters?

Where is the story set?

What is problem or problems?

How do the problems get resolved? (The solution)




'Supertato summoned up all his strength'

Say it in a BIG voice, a silly voice, a quiet voice


You have been practicing story maps so we think you are getting really good at doing them now!

Create a story map for Supertato, you can use the story to help you, if you cannot remember what happens.

Draw pictures to represent each IMPORTANT part of the story – there is a template you can download in resources.

After you have drawn a story map, use it to re-tell the story in your own words.


Challenge: can you choose one part of your story map to write about?


Tuesday 12th May 2020


Re-cap the story Supertato

Can you use your story map from yesterday to re-tell the story?

Re-cap work of the week – Summoned

What does it mean?

Can you use that word in a sentence?


Supertato is a superhero, Can you think of anymore superheroes?

Who is your favourite?



Draw a picture of your favourite superhero and tell your grown up all the words you can think of to describe them.

Are they big? Bad? Strong?


Once you have told a grown up choose 4 of your words to write next to your hero!

Use your phonics sounds to help you segment to spell.
Challenge: Email a picture of your work to your class teacher, they would love to see them!

Class emails follow the format of



Wednesday 13th May 2020


Re-cap the story Supertato

What is your favourite part of the story?

Re-cap work of the week – Summoned

What does it mean?


Can you summon up enough energy to do 10 star jumps? GO!



Supertato is a superhero, actually, he is a super veg!

Today we would like you to design your own super veg!


What vegetable will you choose?

What will your super veg need?

Will it wear a mask? Will it have any special tools or powers?


Make or Draw your new super veg


Challenge:Can you write a sentence to describe your new super veg.

E.g This is power parsnip- he has a blue mask and bat wings!




Thursday 14th May 2020


Re-cap the story Supertato

What was the evil pea trying to do in the story?

Re-cap work of the week – Summoned

What does it mean?



Look at the pictures below- Supertato has been to
our school!


Can you write about what you can see?

Challenge: Can you draw an extra picture- Where would you like to see Supertato visit in our school?


Friday 15th May 2020


It’s our last day of Supertato today!

Ask a grown up to pause the story at 3 different points-

Can you tell them what happened here?

What was our word of the week?

What did it mean?



We have thought lots about Supertato and superheroes this week, but now it’s your turn to be a superhero!

You can dress up for this if you want to!

If you were a Superhero for one day-

What would you be called?

What would you wear?

What would your superpower be?

Below is Mighty Mrs Lowe who can fly across buildings delivering sprinkles of happiness to all of the children!

Draw a picture of you a superhero, think about all of those questions above!

Challenge: Write a sentence to describe your picture..

Can you use the words I am…

My power is...