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Summer 1 Week 2

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Challenge 1

Thinking about the story that you have read for Literacy this week:

The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson

Remember if you have not read it, there is a video on the website of Miss Watkins and Mrs Lowe reading it, if you have not got the story at home.

Can you draw a picture of all of the characters in the story, including George the Giant and the other animals that he sees.

When you have drawn the pictures, discuss with someone, who you think is the heaviest? And why? And who you think is the lightest? And why?

Perhaps you could cut them out and order them from heaviest to lightest.


Challenge 2

Because you have been spending so much time at home, can you think about what your house looks like? What shape is it? How many windows has it got? What colour is your door? What number is on your door?

Can you find some materials from around your home, to make a model of where you live?

You could use old cereal boxes/shoe boxes etc.

Here are some examples below: