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Summer 2- Week 7 - Our Final Week in Reception

Hello everyone and welcome to your final week of Literacy home learning!

I wonder- can you remember what last week’s story was?

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet

We hope you enjoyed reading this story!

This week’s story is about an elephant who loves to make his friends laugh!

Can you guess?


Follow the link to listen to the story-

When you have read the story, tell a grown up about the key features of the story…

Who were the main characters?

Where was the story set?

What was the problem?

How did they solve the problem?



Elmer is such a good friend, he always cheers his friends up! I wonder what else makes a good friend… Can you think?

Using the files below or plain paper- make a spider diagram about what makes a good friend.

Then can you write a sentence about why you are a good friend?

Remember to use your Phase 3 sounds to help you!

E.g. I am a good friend because I am kind to my friends. (I am a good frend because I am kighnd to my frends)



Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

Can you retell the story to your grown up? Who are the characters? Where is it set? What was the problem? How did they fix it?

Can you create a story map for Elmer. Draw pictures of the key parts in the story, we will need these for tomorrow!

Challenge- Can you write a sentence about your favourite parts?

Eg. ‘I like the part when he shouts BOO!’



Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

Yesterday you worked hard creating your story map, well done!

Today we are going to use our story map to help us rewrite the story.

Remember to use your Phase 3 sounds! 


If you cannot think of your own sentences, try these.


  1. One upon a time there was an elephant called Elmer who was very funny.
  2. He was colourful.
  3. Then he painted himself grey.
  4. After that the rain washed the paint off.
  5. All of the elephants laughed with Elmer. The end.



Today is your last day in Reception! We have had so many wonderful memories and experiences together. What have you loved most about it? Who did you make friends with? What are you looking forward to in year!?

Spend time talking with your grown up about this.

Can you draw a picture of your favourite memory and write a sentence about it? Your teachers would love to hear about them, so please send us your picture.



Hope you enjoyed the story!

Remember to send your work to your teacher J


Well done on completing your Literacy Home learning

Have a fabulous Summer Holiday!

Stay safe, keep learning and have fun!