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Summer 2 Week 6

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Literacy home learning!

I wonder- can you remember what last week’s story was?

The Tiger who came to Tea

We hope you enjoyed reading this story!

This week’s story is about a dinosaur who eats so much that he does a big 

Can you guess?

Setting off/beginning to move

You can listen to Miss Charman reading the story in the Maths section of home learning Summer 2 Week 6.

When you have read the story, tell a grown up about the key features of the story…

Who were the main characters?

Where was the story set?

What was the problem?

How did they solve the problem?



Danny and the dinosaur ended up blasting off into space. If you went to space…what would you take with you? You can take 5 things in a suitcase so think carefully.

Start your list by writing ‘ I would take:’ (don’t forget it doesn’t have to be spelt correctly as long as you use your Phonics sounds).

E.g. I would take:

1. My cat called Holly (my cat called hollee)              

2. A warm blanket (a worm blanket)

3. Cat food for Holly (cat food for hollee)

4. My lunch box

5. A book to read (a book to reed)


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

It is important to read lots of story books because it helps our imagination and we learn lots of new words. It is also important to read non-fiction books too! Non-fiction books are not story books but they do give us lots of information.

If you have got a non-fiction book about dinosaurs, have a look through with a grown up and see what new information you can learn about dinosaurs. You might have other non-fiction books about the body/animals/plants etc. They will be fine too.

If you do not, don’t worry! I will be using google. Type in whatever it is that you want to find out.

Today, we are going to be doing a dinosaur fact file. Think about your favourite dinosaur and find out as much information about it as possible.

Start by drawing a picture of your favourite dinosaur. Write the name of the dinosaur underneath and when you find information, write sentences about what you found.

Information to look for…

Where does it live?

What does it eat?

Is it a carnivore/herbivore/omnivore?

Has it got any special features? e.g. horns/long neck/sharp teeth etc.

My favourite dinosaur is a diplodocus.

Challenge – read all the facts about your dinosaur to someone and see if they can guess which dinosaur it is.


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

In the story, the dinosaur ate so much – can you remember what he ate?

Maybe, if he had taken a packed lunch with him then he wouldn’t have been so hungry.

Can you draw a picture of the things that you would have put in your packed lunch and label them.

Challenge – write about a sentence about your favourite food e.g. My favourite food is sausage and mash.


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

In the story, Danny and the dinosaur don’t know how to fly the rocket but maybe if they had instructions they would be able to.

Today, we would like you to write a set of instructions. This can be for anything.


How to make a cake                             

How to make a cup of tea

How to make a sandwich

E.g. Making a jam sandwich

1. Spread the butter on the bread

2. Spread the jam on top of the butter

3. Put the bread together

4. Cut the sandwich in half

5. Eat the jam sandwich

(remember you don’t have to spell it all correctly, just use your Phonics sounds)


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

In the story, Danny and the dinosaur went to the space museum to look at rockets. They were not supposed to launch the rocket and the owner of the science museum was not very happy.

Can you write a letter from Danny to the space museum to say sorry.


Dear Space Museum,


We are sorry for launching the space rocket.

We will help to fix it.


From Danny and the dinosaur


Hope you enjoyed the story!

Remember to send your work to your teacher J

Stay safe.