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Summer 2 Week 5

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Literacy home learning!

I wonder- can you remember what last week’s story was?


All Afloat on Noah’s Boat

We hope you had lots of fun reading this story!

This week’s story is about a stripy animal that lives in a zoo- Can you guess?


Begin by listening to Mrs Lowe reading the story in the files below.

Tell a grown up about the 4 key features of the story-

Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution



Use the document in the resources below to complete the ‘Story review’ page.

This will help you think about the story structure of first, next and last.



Challenge-  Read your story review to a grown up or sibling-

Do they agree?


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

In the story the tiger drank all of the tea in the teapot!

Could you design a teapot just for the tiger?

What would it look like?

Use the template in the files below to design a teapot for the tiger.

Once you have done this write a sentence to describe it.

Remember- it doesn’t have to be spelled correctly by grown up’s-

Use your phonics sounds and tricky words to help you write it independently.


My teepot is red and spotee.

Challenge-  Send your teapot to your teacher, they would love to see them!




Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

In the story – The tiger SUDDENLY appeared at the house for tea.

He wasn’t invited! If you were going to have a tea party who would you invite?

Where would you have the party? What time would it be?

Can you create an invitation to invite one of your toys to have a tea party with you. Use the template in the resources below to help.

Challenge-  Once you’ve created your invitation- gather your chosen toys and share a snack with them! They were invited afterall! 



Recap this week’s story and word of the week.

Today we are going to rewrite The tiger who came to tea.
In the resource section you will find 4 pictures from the story, use these to help you write your sentences.

If you can think of you own sentences to write about the pictures then start straight away! Try and use story language, such as:


Once upon a time

A long time a go


After that



If you need a bit of help, I am going to write an example for each picture and an adult can read it to you and you can sound it out and write it down as best as you can.



Picture 1 – Once upon a time a tiger came to tea

Picture 2 – Next he ate all the food in the fridge and all the tea in the pot.

Picture 3 – Then the tiger went home.

Picture 4 – Finally there was no food left so they had chips and ice cream from the café.

Challenge-  Record yourself re-telling the story and send it to your teacher! 


Recap this week’s story and word of the week.


Yesterday you re-wrote the story using the picture prompts.

Today you are going to become the author!

We would like you to think of a different ending to the story.

What if the tiger didn’t go home?

What if he decided to stay with the family?


What do you think would happen next?


Write down your ideas to create a different end to the story.


Challenge-  Read your new ending to a grown up! What did they think?  


You have completed another week of Literacy home learning!

The Tiger who came to tea

Still image for this video
Listen to Mrs Lowe read this weeks story!