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Summer 2 Week 3

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of Literacy home learning!

I wonder- can you remember what last week’s story was?


Jack and the Beanstalk


This week we are doing another traditional tale – can you remember what that is?

It is a story that has been told for many, many years!

This week’s story is:

Little Red Riding Hood

Can you find out what this means? You could use a dictionary or you could use the internet.


First of all, listen to Miss Watkins reading the story below.

Can you answer these questions:

What characters can you remember from the story?

Where was the story set?

What was the problem in the story?

How did the problem get solved?


Last week, Mrs Lowe made a story map to re-tell the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and then you had a go at making your own.

This week, can you have a go at making your own story map for ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? If you need help with the key parts of the story, use the word mat to help you draw the pictures and then have a go at retelling the story in your own words.

Challenge – get someone to record you, retelling the story using your story map and get an adult to email it to your teacher.



Recap the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and if you need to watch the video again, please do so!


Unfortunately, because Granny was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, she is feeling a little unwell today.

What could we do for Granny that would make her feel better?


What about, we make her a get well soon card?

If you do not have paper or card at home, just use your writing book to draw her a nice picture and write her a little message.

If you want to make you card look nice, use glitter, paint or whatever you have at home.

Think about the message you would write inside e.g.


To Gran

Get well soon.

I hope that you feel better.

Love From …


(see if you can think of your own message) – don’t forget, use your sounds and robot arms to help you write the words.



Recap the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Today, we are going to be thinking of adjectives for the Wolf.

Can you remember what an adjective is?

It is a describing word.

We are going to be creating a spider diagram.

If you have a large piece of paper, that would be ideal but don’t worry if you have not, your writing book will be perfect.

Draw a picture of wolf in the middle of the page and then when you think of adjectives (describing words) about the wolf, draw an arrow from the picture to the word. See example below:

Challenge – Use one of the adjectives, you have thought of to write a sentence.

e.g. He has got a long, fluffy tail.



Recap the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Today, we are going to be using pictures to write the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. There are four pictures in the resource section called: ‘Picture prompts’, if you want to print them out and stick them in your writing book to help, then you cannot but if you want to just look at them on a computer/phone etc. that is fine too.

If you can think of you own sentences to write about the pictures then start straight away! Try and use story language, such as:


Once upon a time

A long time a go


After that



If you need a bit of help, I am going to write an example for each picture and an adult can read it to you and you can sound it out and write it down as best as you can.


Picture 1 – Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood.

Picture 2 – She met a wolf in the deep dark wood.

Picture 3 – He ate them both up.

Picture 4 – The woodcutter got them out.


If you cannot do all of these sentences, try your best to do at least two of them.



Recap the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Yesterday, you rewrote the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Well done because it was lots of writing.

Today, we are going to be changing the story and thinking of our own ideas.


Little Red Riding Hood went through the woods, even though her mommy told her not to. If she hadn’t gone through the woods, how would she have got to her Grandma’s house? And who might she have seen on the way? What problems might have she encountered?

E.g If she rode there on the road, on her bike, she might have hurt herself or got a flat tyre. If her mommy drove her there, she might have been late because there was lots of traffic.

Think of your own ideas and write them in a sentence.










Little red riding hood

Still image for this video
Listen to Miss Watkins read this weeks story