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Phonics Week commencing 4th May 2020


Monday 4th May:

  • Visit Espresso – click on the link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Phonics.
  • Now click on Kim’s Phonics, Activities and scroll to the bottom where you will find the game Read the Sentence – click and play!
  • Complete the Phase 4 Yes or No activity below. Remember to put sound buttons under words to help with your blending.



Tuesday 5th May:



Wednesday 6th May:



Thursday 7th May:



Friday 8th May:

  • Visit Espresso by following Monday’s instructions to get to the Phonics page.
  • Click on Ash’s Phonics, Activities and scroll down to ie, i-e and click on and play the Reading game.
  • Now open the phoneme spotter story below and hunt for all of the words that contain these sounds: igh, ie, i_e, y   Make a list of the words you find.
  • Challenge: put the words that you have found into sentences of your own!