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Phonics Week Commencing 1st June 2020

Monday 1st June:

  • Practise spelling common words by playing Little Bird Spelling. Follow this link and click on Year 2, then choose a bird box and click go:   

  • Have a go at spelling the words from different Year 2 bird boxes – you could then write these words on some paper and ask a family member to hide them round the house. Word Hunt time!!!
  • Challenge: put these words into sentences of your own!



Tuesday 2nd June:



Wednesday 3rd June:


  • Visit Espresso – follow this link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Phonics.
  • Now click on Polly’s Phonics, Activities and scroll to the bottom of the screen to play Read the Sentence.
  • Challenge: open the Yes or No document below and answer the questions, then create your own game!




Thursday 4th June:

  • Visit Phonics Play and login in using these details:

Username – march20

Password – home

  • Now click on the Phases tab on the left of the screen and click Phase 5.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the game Cheeky Chimps. Choose a letter to focus on and sort the bananas according to the different pronunciations of that letter. 


Friday 5th June: