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Phonics Week Commencing 18th May 2020


Monday 18th May:



Tuesday 19th May:

  • Visit Phonics Bloom and use your blending skills to play Pairs.

Follow this link:

  • Challenge: create your own Pairs game – write words using your phonics sounds on bits of paper and draw a matching picture on another bit of paper. Then you can challenge your family to a game of Pairs – the person with the most matching pairs wins!



Wednesday 20th May:


  • Play Poop Deck Pirates. Choose sounds from the Phase 3 or 5 section. Follow this link:
  • Challenge: Look at your Phase 3 or Phase 5 phonics mat – see if you can list 1 word for each sound. Example: ay – crayons, ea – dreams.




Thursday 21st May:

  • Visit Espresso – follow this link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Phonics.
  • Now click on Scully’s Phonics, Activities and scroll to the g:j activities – play the sorting and reading games, focusing on ‘g’ pronounced as ‘j’.
  • Challenge: open the g as j document below and sort the words according to their pronunciation! If you can’t print it, write the words on paper and sort into two groups.



Friday 22nd May:

  • Visit Espresso by following yesterday’s instructions to get to the Phonics page.
  • Click on Sally’s Phonics, Activities and scroll down to       ee: y, ie, ea and play the sorting and spelling games
  • Now open the phoneme spotter story below and hunt for all of the words that contain these sounds: ee, ea, e_e, y and ie. Make a list of the words you find.
  • Challenge: put the words that you have found into sentences of your own!