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Phonics Week Commencing 15th June 2020

Phonics – Week 8

Monday 15th June:

  • Visit Phonics Play and login in using these details:

Username – march20    Password – home

  • Scroll down to and click on the Make a Match Phase 4 game.
  • Read the words and find their matching pictures – note down the time you completed it in. Now play again to see if you can beat your last time!
  • Challenge: make a list of all of the words you can remember from this game, now see if you can put these words into sentence.



Tuesday 16th June:

  • Visit ICT Games and play Spooky Spellings – follow this link:
  • Select Year 2 and choose a book from 1-12. Press Go!
  • Read the word and focus on learning the spelling of this word – now select and drag the first letter of the word onto the screen and try to spell the whole word. You can do it!
  • Challenge: create your own version of Pairs  – write 2 sets of Year 2 words onto pieces of paper (these could be ones you found tricky to read or spell in the game). Then shuffle your word cards and place them face down on the table. Now turn over one word and read it. Select another card that you think matches this word – is it a pair?  If yes, you keep the cards! If not, then turn those two back over and choose another 2 cards. You win when all words have been matched!


Wednesday 17th June:




Thursday 18th June:

  • Visit BBC Bitesize and play Small Town Superheroes – follow this link:

  • Click on the Contractions game and select the two words that make up different contracted words. For example: it’s = it is
  • Challenge: open the Contractions document below and match the words. Now see if you can make a list of other contractions that you know. You could then have a go at putting these contractions into sentences.


Friday 19th June:

  • Visit Phonics Play and login in using these details:

Username – march20    Password – home

  • Play Past Tense Penguins by correctly adding the suffix -ed to put verbs in the past tense. Think back to the suffix work you did last week!
  • Remember the rules: just add –ed, drop the e and add –ed, double the consonant and add –ed.
  • Some words don’t follow these rules though, we just have to learn the spelling.