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Phonics Week Commencing 13th July 2020

Phonics – Week 12


Monday 13th July:

  • Visit Phonics Play and login in using these details:

Username – march20    Password – home

  • Click the Resources tab at the top of the screen and select Phase 5.
  • Scroll down to find and click on Cheeky Chimps. Click on ey and sort the words according to how you say this sound in words (ey = ee or ey = ay)
  • Challenge: choose another sound to focus on and sort the words according to how they are pronounced. See if you can write sentences using the words from the game




Tuesday 14th July:

  • Visit BBC Bitesize and learn about Homophones - follow this link:

  • Recap your knowledge of homophones by watching the video and playing the games. Complete the quiz to see what you have remembered!
  • Challenge: open the Homophones document below and complete the activities by selecting the correct homophone for the picture and in the sentences.


Wednesday 15th July:

  • Visit Espresso – follow this link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Phonics.
  • Now click on Sal’s Phonics and select air – ere, ear, are.
  • Watch the video to learn about the alternative ways to spell this sound and then complete the Sorting by Spelling game.
  • Now click back and play the Spelling game – focusing on the different ways of spelling air.





Thursday 16th July:

  • Visit Miss Maggie’s Earth Adventures by following this link:

  • This game is all about adding the suffixes –ed and -ing to words and the rules you have to follow to add these suffixes.
  • You have learnt all about the rules for adding these suffixes over the past two years, so let’s see if you can complete this fishing game!
  • Make a list of the words you remember from the game and see if you can write sentences with these words in.
  • For example: bury = buried, I buried my toys in the sand.




Friday 17th July:

  • Visit BBC Bitesize and learn about adding the –ly suffix. Follow this link:

  • We learnt about adding this suffix earlier in Year 2 – so recap your knowledge of how this suffix changes adjectives into adverbs!
  • Watch the video and complete the activities on the website – then test your knowledge with the suffix quiz!
  • Challenge: open the –ly suffix document below and choose the correct adverbs to complete the sentences. If you’re unsure about what some of the words mean, you cangoogle them to find out the definitions.