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Phonics Week 5

Year 1 Week 5 Phonics Home Learning

For our Phonics work we will be using the Phonics Play website and Espresso – remember you can get free access to Phonics Play using the username: march20 and Password: home

The login for Espresso is – Username: student30212 Password: silver


Monday 18th  May:

Focus sound – wh


  • Read the wh words below and then practise writing them adding your sound buttons.


when      whip        wheel            which      whisper


  • Practise writing these words in your books. Can you think of a sentence using one or more of these words?


  • Visit Phonics Play and play Buried Treasure, reading and sorting the real and nonsense  wh     



Tuesday 19th May

  • Focus sounds: ph
  • Visit Espresso – click on the link from our school website:
  • Now click on Key Stage 1, English and scroll down to and click on Phonics.
  • Now click on Ash’s Phonics, find the ph sound and watch the video.
  • After you have watched the video click on Activities and scroll down to the ph activities and click on the reading activity.  Read the different words carefully and match the correct word to the picture.
  • Challenge: Using the ph words you find can you choose three of them to put into sentences?


Wednesday 20th May:

  • Go on to Phonics Play – phase 5                                                                                    
  • Play Sentence Substitution – Use your Phonics to help you read the sentences.  Then have a go at writing the sentence down (ask an adult to read the sentence to you if you forget what it says).  Can you change one of the words?




Thursday 21st May:

  • We have looked at all of our Phase 5 sounds now so let’s do a recap.  Go on to Phonics play and select the Flash Cards Speed trial.  How many sounds can you read?  Keep practising the sounds and see if you can beat your time. 
  • If you get stuck on any of the sounds then write them down – Can you think of any words using this sound?  Keep saying the sound –                                           


 Practise makes perfect


Friday 22nd May:

  • Tricky word work – Have a look at the tricky word mat
  • Ask an adult to say the tricky words – how many can you write?  Can you use the word in a sentence?  Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops when you are writing sentences.