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Phonics Week 3

Year 1 Week 3 Phonics Home Learning

For our Phonics work we will be using the Phonics Play website – remember you can get free access using the username: march20 and Password: home


Monday 4th  May:

  • Focus sound – ar, a
  • Can you make a list of words using these sounds                               
  •     ar                         a

card, shark                calf, half, calm

  •  Visit Phonics Play and play Dragon’s Den . Practise reading words with the sounds above and try and sort the real and nonsense words correctly.                                                                                       


Challenge: Can you read the Phoneme Spotter and identify all the words with today’s focus sound? Can you write a sentence using one of the words you have found?



Tuesday 5th May:

  • Focus sounds: or, aw, au                                                           
  • Can you sort these words into the correct group?


paw, fork, yawn, horn, Paul, crawl, haul, cork, launch, haunted, stork, raw,

Practise writing these words in your books.


Challenge: Can you think of a sentence using one of these words?



Wednesday 6th May:

  • Focus sounds: ur, er, ir, ear                                                      
  • Look at the alternate spellings for er pictures worksheet.



Visit Phonics Play and play Tricky Word Trucks. How fast can you read the tricky words?



Thursday 7th May:

  • Focus sounds: ow, o-e, oa, oe.
  • Can you sort the words below into groups, matching them to the correct sounds?

snow   goat   toe  bone   grow  coat

boat   heroes  rope  blow  Joe  home


  • Play the word and picture match containing today’s focus sounds.                             


Challenge: Can you practise spelling these words in your books? Think carefully about what sound you have got to use: train, fake, hay, rain, day, pain, make, say, cake, lay, bake, may, drain


Friday 8th May:

  • Focus sounds: oi, oy
  •  On some small bits of paper write down the each of the words twice -

boil, toil, foil , toy, joy, coin, boy , join, royal

 play a game of snap with an adult – can you use each word in a sentence?


Challenge: Read the Phoneme Spotter. Can you spot all of the words containing our focus sounds? Can you write a sentence and draw a picture to go with it?