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Phonics Week 11

 Year 1 Week 11 Phonics Home Learning

For our Phonics work we will be using the Phonics Play website

Access Phonics Play using the username: march20 and Password: home

This week we are going to be having a recap on all of the Phase 3 and 5 sounds.


Monday 6thth July:

Phase 3 tricky words

Visit Phonics Play and tricky words trucks, click on Phase 3.                                                    


How fast can you read all of the Phase 3 tricky words?


Now challenge yourself to see how many Phase 3 tricky words you can write in one minute, get someone in your family to time you.


Tuesday 7th July:

Matching words to pictures


Using your phonic sounds read the words below and match them to the correct picture.  If you get stuck then ask a grown up to help you.  Remember to use your robot arms if you need to.



Wednesday 8th July:


Visit Phonics Play and play flash cards speed trial - how fast can you read all of the phase 3 and 5 graphemes?


Tricky words –



Now, can you write three sentences using some of the tricky words?


Thursday 9th July


Tricky word writing.



Friday 10th July


Reading Comprehension


Read the story below or ask an adult to help you read it if you need some help. Then answer the questions about the story.