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Phonics Week 1

Year 1 Week 1 Phonics Home Learning


For our Phonics work we will be using the Phonics Play website – remember you can get free access using the username: march20 and Password: home


Monday 20th April:

  • Visit Phonics Play and complete Flashcards time challenge – how many of your sounds can you read in one minute? Challenge yourself to read Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds. Follow the link below:

  • Phase 3 – Can you read the words below and then practise writing them out. Remember to add your sound buttons.

church    thing     train      fright     start    chair    point


Challenge: Can you write a sentence using one or more of the words?




Tuesday 21st April:


  • Visit Phonics Play and complete tricky word trucks. How many different words can you read? Challenge yourself to read through the phases. Follow the link below:

  • Phase 4 – read the sentences and draw a picture to represent each sentence.




Wednesday 22nd April:


  • Visit Phonics Play and play Picnic on Pluto. Revisit all Phase 3 sounds and try to sort the real and nonsense words correctly. Follow the link below:

  • Phase 3 – Look at the pictures on the attached activity. Can you write the correct word to match the pictures? Challenge yourself with writing a sentence about one of the pictures.



Thursday 23rd April:


  • Visit Phonics Bloom and play Word Pairs. Match the word to the correct picture. Follow this link:

  • Play Phase 4 snakes and ladders games blending the words to read and win the game. See attached sheet.



Friday 24th April:





If you don’t have a printer at home to print out these phonics activities, then don’t worry! They can all be adapted to be completed in a different way!

For example: creating your own snakes and ladders game, or writing the words out on pieces of paper and see how quickly you can read them. You could turn it into a game by asking someone to hide the words around the house and you could go on a word hunt.

You could also write the words or sentences in your purple writing books or on paper and then draw the matching picture next to it.