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When teaching Maths at Silvertrees Academy we whole heartedly believe in including and catering for children of all abilities. We provide challenge through varied and high quality teaching with a focus on the important skills of fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Children explore Maths using the correct mathematical vocabulary, and you will find this displayed around the school, to explain their workings. A wide range of manipulatives are used to explain mathematical concepts. Why not ask your child what resources they have used this week at school? After developing a deep understanding using concrete resources, your child will move into using pictorial representations and then finally written methods. Through this CPA approach we believe we are providing the best possible outcomes for your children. Children are encouraged to be determined and resilient and to accept making mistakes is part of their learning.



Maths is taught as a discrete subject following the National Curriculum programmes of study. Where possible, opportunities are maximised to use mathematical skills in other areas of learning. In order for pupils to progress to deeper and more complex problems we recognise that children need to be confident and fluent across each year groups objectives. We follow the, government endorsed, White Rose Hub maths scheme. This scheme allows for children to deepen their understanding at every opportunity. The school calculation policy is followed by all staff throughout school and you will find it displayed in teaching spaces.


Each classroom has a range of mathematical resources including, Numicon, Base 10, abaci and egg boxes.  In lessons, opportunities are provided for the children to consolidate skills they have already learnt, build on them and engage in reasoning and problem solving. Challenge is provided through our high quality teaching.


We are continuously striving to improve ourselves and share ideas amongst staff. The whole school moderates work with colleagues from neighbouring schools. Pupil's progress is monitored against the expected attainment for their age using Key Performance Indicators. Assessment is used to ensure we are providing excellent provision to meet the needs of each and every child in school.



Through Learning Walks, Pupil Learning Conversations, Book and Planning Trawls we can ensure progress is made across all year groups.

We use termly White Rose Hub assessments to guide us in teaching your child. Year 1 conduct these assessments at the end of the Spring and Summer term; whilst Year 2 conduct the assessments at the end of the Autumn and Spring term. Formative assessment takes place each and every day with planning being adjusted by teachers accordingly to meet the needs of children in their Maths groups along with high quality support from our Learning Support staff.