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English Week Commencing 29th June 2020

Monday 29th June


Word of the week  - snarled

Whisper it, shout it, say it in a funny voice.


snarled – definition make an aggressive growl or say something in an angry, bad-tempered voice.

           Try writing it in 3 different ways.

   snarled                  snarled                 SNARLED

Can you think of any other words that mean the same as SNARLED?




Our book this week is The Highway Rat  another book by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler.


Here is a video of the story:-


Now try answering these questions about the story. Try writing you answers down today.

What was the story about?

Who are the main characters?

Why do you think the rat wants the clover?

How does the duck trick the rat?

Do you think the rat is happy now?

What shop would you like to work in?

What was your favourite part? Why?


Tuesday 30th June

Try writing a sentence using our word of the week.

Have a look at Resource sheet 1. These are the things that the Highway Rat stole. Can you give them back to their owners?

Think about how those creatures were feeling. Perhaps you could draw a picture of each of them and lablel them with adjectives describing their feelings. Or perhaps you’d prefer to just write about how you think they felt.




Wednesday 1st July 

The Highway Rat is another ‘baddie’ – so we thought you might like to help catch him!

Using Resouce sheet 2 – write a short report about what The Highway Rat did.

Don’t forget to read your sentences out loud and check that they make sense.


Thursday  2nd July

To help in the hunt for the Highway Rat – design a poster to go with your report. You could use one of your sentences from yesterday to put on the poster.

Friday 3rd July

Imagine that The Highway Rat has been caught. Do you think he should be punished? How? He’s being a ‘good’ rat now, doing his job in the cake shop. It seems a shame for him to lose his job.

Write a list of all the things that he could do to help the animals he stole from and still keep his job.

Eg. He could collect clover at the weekend to give to the rabbit.

Now you’ve finished you might like to watch this cartoon of The Highway Rat.