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English Week Commencing 27th April 2020

Monday 27th April


Word of the week  - rejuvenating

Whisper it, shout it, say it in a funny voice.

Rejuvenating - definition- giving you more energy, making you seem younger!

           Try writing it in 3 different ways.

Rejuvenating    rejuvenating  rejuvenating

Can you think of any other words that mean the same as rejuvenating? Make a list. (Don’t worry if you can’t – I think this one is quite difficult!

Our book this week is:

If you've got the book read it through, if not we've included a powerpoint (hope you like the special effects).

There are some tricky words in here – if you are not sure what they mean – ask an adult.

Did you spot our word of the week – rejuvenating?

Now try answering these questions about the story.

What was the story about?

Who are the main characters?

Did you recognise the characters from other stories?

What was your favourite part? Why?

The Jolly Postman or Other People's Letters

Tuesday 28th April

Try writing a sentence using our word of the week - rejuvenating.



This week we are going to look at invitations. We’ll write one later in the week but first:

Have a look at the invitations we’ve included. What do you notice about them. Have you ever sent an invitation? What did you have to remember to include?

Don’t cheat – try and write a list of all the things you need to include in an invitation. Check my answers at the bottom of the page – did you find them all?

Now make a list of all the things you might send an invitation for.

Invitations for Tuesday 28th April

Wednesday 29th April


Imagine you are Baby Bear. Do you think you would want to go to the Goldilock’s party? You might feel a little cross with her, she did break your chair, eat your porridge and sleep in your bed!

Goldilock’s needs to persuade Baby Bear to come to her party.


Think about how you could persuade Baby Bear to come to party by describing foods. What sort of foods would Baby bear like? Make a list. Now think of adjectives to describe the food you chose.


Now think of some good party games, make a list and use some great adjectives to describe the games.

Thursday 30th April

Look at these two sentences using 'rejuvenating'. One makes sense, one doesn't. Can you work out which is which?

The potion had a rejuvenating effect.

The rejuvenating was pink.


Now it’s time to have a go at writing an invitation.

Look at the features, remember to include:






And finally



Remember you have to persuade Baby Bear that this party is going to be really good! So, remember to use all the lovely vocabulary you came up with yesterday.

Friday 1st May


Last task of the week is to read through your work and correct any spelling mistakes. Then choose one sentence which you think you could make better and rewrite it.

Most invitations have lovely borders or pictures included, perhaps you could add some illustrations to your invitations. We’d love to see these invitations – so see if you can ask someone to email us a photo of you with your work.


Features of Invitations:






And finally

RSVP. ( this is short for the French – respondez sil vous plait –it means respond/reply please.