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English Week Commencing 18th May 2020

Monday 18th May

Word of the week  - skulked

Whisper it, shout it, say it in a funny voice.

SKULKED - definition- to lie in hiding, or move in a sneaky way (for some evil reason - or, as in our story this week,  because you feel guilty or ashamed)

           Try writing it in 3 different ways.

Skulked                  skulked             skulked

Can you think of any other words that mean the same as skulked? Make a list.


Our book this week is Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell by Sue Hendra.


If you've got the book read it through, if not we've included a video.

Now try answering these questions about the story.

What was the story about?

Who are the main characters?

What was your favourite part? Why?


Tuesday 19th May

Try writing a sentence using our word of the week - skulked.


Draw a picture of Norman in the middle of your page. Now use some lovely adjectives to describe him. Think about what he looks like first. Start at his feet and work your way up to his head. Now think about his personality, how does he behave? You could use a different colour pencil for his appearance (what he looks like) and his personality.




Wednesday 20th May

Using your fantastic adjectives from yesterday try writing a character description of Norman.  Imagine someone has never read the book, tell them all about Norman, you could give them some examples of what he does but don't retell the whole story


Thursday 21st May

Look at these two sentences using 'skulked'. One makes sense, one doesn't. Can you work out which is which?

Norman skulked away into the bushes.

Norman skulked happily along.


Try retelling the story of Norman. You might like to draw a story map to help you. What sort of voice do you think Norman will have?

 Challenge: In the book Norman frees himself with a 'slither and a slother, a slip and a slide'. Lots of alliteration – using the same letter or sound at the start of words. Can you use alliteration in your story?

Friday 22nd May

You should know the story of Norman pretty well by now. Try writing a short retell of the story. Perhaps you could think of different things that Norman could try out for his shell. I bet you could come up with some really funny ideas!


End of week challenge:

You could try drawing, or even making some sculptures of Norman trying out his different shells.

Why not do a bit of research about slugs? What do they eat? How long do they live? How many different types are there.

What other things could Norman use for wings?

Watch this short video of dancing slugs!

Can you come up with a ‘Slug Dance’?