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English Week Commencing 20th April 2020

Word of the week  - fearsome


Whisper it, shout it, say it in a funny voice.


FEARSOME - definition- frightening, scary!


           Try writing it in 3 different ways.

Fearsome        fearsome    fearsome


Can you think of any other words that mean the same as fearsome? Make a list.

Monday - Read the story

Our book this week is Zog by Julia Donaldson.


If you've got the book read it through, if not we've included a video.

Now try answering these questions about the story.


What was the story about?

Who are the main characters?

What was your favourite part? Why?

Zog by Julia Donaldson

Still image for this video
Mrs Moffatt reading Zog by Julia Donaldson


Try writing a sentence using our word of the week - fearsome.


Draw a picture of Zog in the middle of your page. Now use some lovely adjectives to describe him. Think about what he looks like first. Start at his feet and work your way up to his head. Now think about his personality, how does he behave? You could use a different colour pencil for his appearance (what he looks like) and his personality.



Using your fantastic adjectives from yesterday try writing a character description of Zog.  Imagine someone has never read the book, tell them all about Zog, you could give them some examples of what he does but don't retell the whole story.

Challenge: Can you include our word of the week 'fearsome'?



Look at these two sentences using 'fearsome'. One makes sense, one doesn't. Can you work out which is which?


Zog had a fearsome roar.

That burger was fearsome.


Try writing a review of Zog.
We've included an example - if you can't print it just do your own on paper or in your book.

Book Review Template



Last task of the week is to retell the story of Zog. Can you remember all the lessons he had to learn? You might need to draw yourself a little story map to help you. Or maybe you could make some puppets to help you tell the story.



Finally, if you have the film of Zog you could watch it or ask if someone can download it for you on BBC iplayer.



End of week challenge:


Try writing an extra lesson for Zog to learn. What might go wrong for him? What will the girl do to make it better?