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English Week 8

All about Summer


Summer is one of the four seasons.  It is the season that comes after spring.  Summer starts in June and ends in September.  The official first day of summer this year will be June 20th.   Summer is the season where we see more sun and lots of people go on holiday.



Signs of Summer


Monday 15th June

Can you answer these questions on the information text?


1. When does summer begin?







2. What is the weather like in summer?






3. Can you name two signs of summer?





4. What happens to the temperature in the UK?




5. Can you name the four seasons?  What is the season after summer?



Tuesday 16th June


Today we want you to think about all of the different seasons. Read through the ppt attached below with some help from an adult if you need it. 

Now we want you to think about which of the seasons is your favourite and why. Can you write some sentences about your favourite season and tell us why it is your favourite. Remember to use 'because'. 


Wednesday 17th June


Today we would like you to draw a picture of your favourite season and label all of the different things in your picture, try to use some adjectives to describe if you can. Remember to email us some photos of the pictures you have done. 


Thursday 18th June


Today we would like you to use the internet, with some help from an adult, to find out some more information about your favourite season. Try to find out as many different facts as you can. Can you find at least 10 facts?


Friday 19th June


Today we would like you to use all of the information you have found to create your own fact file all about your favourite season. Have a look at the template below for some ideas of how you can set out your fact file.