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English Week 7


Information Texts

This week we are thinking about Information Texts.  This is a text that gives you lots of different facts about a specific subject.  We thought it would be nice to find out some information ‘All about pets’. 


Monday 8th June

Have a look at the PowerPoint.  Do you have a pet?  Which animal is your favourite? Can you write a sentence to tell us which is your favourite animal and why?


Tuesday 9th June

Read the information below and see if you can answer the questions? 



Can you answer these questions on the information text?

1. Tick two things a cat will need.








food bowl






2. What is a baby cat called?









 3. If your cat is poorly where do you take them?








4. What do cats need from their mum?








Wednesday 10th June

Let’s write about your favourite pet.  Imagine that one day you find out that your pet has super powers!  Use your imagination and think about:

  • What is your pet called?
  • What is their super power?
  • What and who do they help/save?
  • What happens in the end? 


Can you use this information to help you plan a story about your super pet?  Can you create a story map showing what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story? Remember to use pictures and simple captions to help you create your story map.


Thursday 11th June


Use the information in your story map, can you write your own story about your super pet?  Remember:

  • Write an opening paragraph where you introduce your pet, their name and how you find out they have a super power.
  • Write a paragraph about how your pet helps people/ saves the day
  • Write a happy ending to the story – what happens to the pet?



Friday 12th June


Can you create a title and front cover for your story?  Remember to say who the author is (That’s you!)

Have fun and send us pictures of your amazing super pets!