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English Week 5

Year 1 - Instructions


This week we are going to be following and then writing some instructions.


Instructions are pieces of information.  They tell us how to do something.  Instructions could be a recipe, how to make something etc.  Instructions always have:

  • 'How to' in the title
  • A list of items you need
  • Sequenced steps to tell you how to do something
  • Bullet point or numbers (if using bullet points then you can use time adverbials to order eg. first, then, next, after, finally)
  • Imperative verbs – the word in the sentence that tells you what to do (put, place, mix, fold, cut, stir, brush).
  • Diagrams or illustrations


Monday 18th May

Can you read through the instructions together with a grown up and see if you can follow them to make your own sandwich?


How to make a jam sandwich


What you need:


  • 2 Slices of bread
  • Butter
  • Knife
  • Jam
  • Plate



1. Wash your hands.

2. Get all the equipment you need.

3. Place the 2 slices of bread on the plate.

4. Carefully spread the butter on the bread.

5. Spread the jam over the bread.

6. Place one slice of bread on top of the other.

7. Cut the sandwich in half using the knife.

8. Eat your sandwich!



Ask an adult to help you to cut your sandwich with your knife.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and tidy up!


Tuesday 19th May

Can you answer these questions on the instructions?



1. How many pieces of bread do you need for the sandwich?



2. What is the first thing you need to do?



3. What will you need to use to cut the sandwich?



4. Can you list the imperative verbs? (the words that tell you what to do?



Wednesday 20th May


Look at the imperative verbs below.  (The words that tell you what to do)


Which ones would you normally find in a recipe book? Make a list of them.


mix          stir       run       blend        laugh        skip

pour      chop       sit       play       jump     grate       run


Can you draw a picture to show each of the actions or practise acting them out? 


Have a listen to the imperative verb song on YouTube - We know it is one of your favourites. 

The Imperative Verbs Song

Thursday 21st May


Have a look at the instructions below. We have got ourselves into a bit of a muddle. Can you read them carefully and then write them out in the correct order? Remember to add the numbers at the start when you write them out.


How to get up in the morning


Go to school. 


Have a wash.


Make your bed.


Put your coat on.


Eat your breakfast.


Put your clothes on.


Get out of bed. 


Brush your teeth.



Friday 22nd May

Can you write your own set of instructions?  Think about what you could write them for:


  • How to brush your teeth.
  • How to bake a cake.
  • How to play a game.
  • How to make a different type of sandwich. 
  • How to make a superhero stick puppet. (see the attached sheet)


Remember to send us some pictures of the sandwiches you make and of your own instructions. We can't wait to see them. 

Superhero stick puppet instructions