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English Week 3

Year 1 Week 3 English Home Learning


Monday 4th May

Word of the week  - zoomed

Whisper it, shout it, say it in a funny voice.

ZOOMED - definition- to move very quickly.

           Try writing it in 3 different ways.

zoomed      zoomed      zoomed

Our book this week is Supertato by Sue Hendra.



If you've got the book ask someone to read it to you or read it through yourself, if not you can listen to Mr Richards reading the story on our school website. You can also watch the story on the link below:

Now try answering these questions about the story.

What was the story about?

Who are the main characters?

What was your favourite part? Why?

Can you now create a story board and retell Supertato? There is a blank story board in the resources you can print or you can draw your own on a blank piece of paper.


Tuesday 5th May

Try saying or writing a sentence using our word of the week – zoomed.

Can you create a mind map about superheros?

  • Can you describe some of your favourite superheros using adjectives?
  • How do the move?
  • What are their superpowers?
  • Have they got an ememy?
  • How do they move around – flying car, hot air balloon?


If your child needs support writing the words they wish to write, you can help them to sound out using the phonics sheet sent home in their learning pack or you can scribe the words for them.


Wednesday 6th May

Can you now create your own superhero? This doesn’t have to be a human, it could be a fruit or vegetable you have in your home. You could draw your superhero or you could make it using fruit and vegetables, card board or any other junk modelling items you have.

Think about these questions while you are making your superhero:

  • What is your superhero called?
  • What is their superpower?
  • What does their costume look like?
  • Do they have an enemy?

Remember to send us a picture of your superheroes! We would love to see them.


Thursday 7th May

Using the work you did yesterday, can you now write a character description about your superhero?

Use the questions above to help you. Remember to write in full sentences.

In the resources there are some templates to help you organise your sentences.


Friday 8th May

The last activity for this week is to write your very own story. You have created your own superhero, what we want to know now is what happens?

  • Opening: Who is your main character and where is your story set? (remember to use adjectives to describe your characters and setting)
  • Build-Up: Begin to write about what is happening at the start of your story.
  • Problem: What is it that has gone wrong?
  • Resolution: How will be problem get fixed? Think about how the characters might work together to solve what has gone wrong.
  • End: Is it a happy ending? Or will you leave it on a cliff hanger?

You can tell your story in lots of different ways. You could write your story, create a story map to tell the story, act out your story or you could film yourself telling your story. Remember to send them to us to look, we can’t wait to read them.


Challenge: Can you use our word of the week in your story?

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