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English Week 12

Treasure Island


This week’s home learning is a ‘Treasure Island’ project.  We hope you enjoy the learning opportunities. You can email your class teacher photos of your home learning.


1.  Imagine you are stranded on an island?  What three things would you take with you and why?



2. Create a list of things you might find in a pirate’s pocket.  Think about the object and then use adjectives to describe its appearance, texture, smell, sound and taste.  Be imaginative! i.e., a fiery, orange gem.



3. Oh no! Pirate Pete has gone missing and is nowhere to be found!  Design a wanted poster to help us find Pirate Pete.  Remember to use adjectives to describe Pirate Pete so that people can recognise him.




4. Imagine you are trapped on a pirate ship and the only way to send messages is in a bottle to someone at home.  Write a message in a bottle to a loved one at home.  You may even want to decorate your message and place it in a bottle.



5. Collect a range of recyclable materials e.g.  boxes, tubes etc. Design and make your very own pirate island.  Where would it be in the world and why? Or you could make a treasure chest to store all of your precious jewels. 




6. Get active! Create a sequence of pirate movements e.g. walking the plank, scrubbing the deck, swimming in a storm at sea, digging for treasure etc.  Find some pirate music and perform your sequence to a grown up.



7. Design and make your very own pirate flag.  Research flags from around the world and flags found on ships, especially pirate ships.  Use these as ideas to make your very own!  First sketch your flag design idea.  Then use a range of materials to make your very own pirate flag!




8. Write an acrostic poem.


T ____________________   I ____________________

R ____________________ S ____________________

E ____________________  L ____________________

A ____________________ A ____________________

S ____________________ N ____________________

U ____________________ D ____________________

R ____________________