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English Week 11

Year 1 English Home Learning Week 11


Monday 6th July

Our book this week is   Jake’s First Day

Read through the PowerPoint of the story below.

Discuss the book with someone in your family.  Now can you answer these questions about the story?

Why was Jake worried?


Who helped Jake to feel better?


What was did Jake’s teacher say he was going to be?


What happened on Jake’s first day?


How did Jake feel after his first day?


Have you got any worries about moving to your new class?


Tuesday 7th July


Moving to a new year group and a new class can sometimes feel a little bit scary or it might make you worry, but it is also a very exciting time.


Can you make a list of things that you are looking forward to in Year 2?


Can you make a list of anything that you might be worrying you about moving to Year 2?


We promise that you are going to love your new classes.


Wednesday 8th July


We thought it would be a nice idea this week for you to write a letter to your new teacher. It will give you the opportunity to tell them all about yourself and to ask them any questions that you might have.

Have a look at the PowerPoint below to help you to understand how to set out an informal letter.




Before we write out letters we are going to do some planning. Today we want you to think of and write out five questions that you would like to ask your new teacher.


Remember – what do you need to put at the end of a question sentence?


Thursday 9th July


Today we are going to continue with our planning for our letters. Using the template below, we want you to write the things that you would like your new teacher to know about you (some of you may have the same teacher, but you can still tell them all about yourselves).



Friday 10th July


Today we want you to write your letter to your new teacher. Remember your letter should start with either:


Dear Mrs Price, Dear Miss Lloyd or Dear Mr Richards.


Start your letter by telling them who you are and an interesting fact about you or your family. Is there a question you could ask your teacher here?


Then, tell your new teacher what you like to do at school and at home. What are you looking forward to in Year 2? You could add one or two of your questions here too.


Next, tell your teacher what you have been doing at home over the last few weeks or what you might do over the summer.


Finally, finish your letter with a special message for your teacher. You could also draw a picture for them too.


Have a look at the example below if you need some help.



Dear Mrs Price,


My name is Tom and I am 6 years old, it was my birthday in May. I live with my Mom, Dad and my baby sister Katie. My best friend is Sam, but he isn’t in my class. How old are you? Have you got a sister?


My favourite subject at school is English because I love to write exciting stories. At home I love to play outside in the garden. I am really looking forward to starting Year 2 because we are going to be learning so many new and exciting things. What is your favourite subject? Do you know what table I am going to be sitting on?

I have been very busy at home over the last few weeks. My Mom has helped me with my home learning and we have spent lots of time together as a family.


I can’t wait to meet you Mrs Price, my favourite colour is red and I am really looking forward to all of the new Learning Journeys is Year 2.





Remember to send us a photo of your letter and any pictures that you do, so that we can pass them on to your new teacher.