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English Week 10

Monday 29th June 2020.

Brian Bear’s Picnic!

This week we thought it would be nice to look at a story with a familiar setting.  Can you read through the story with a grown up? Look at the tasks below and see if you can do a task each day!


In the middle of Friary Wood, there lived a large, stripy bear called Brian.  He was a happy and generous bear who loved seeing his friends and playing games with  them. 


One warm, summer morning, Brian decided to invite his bear friends to a picnic.  So, he sent an invitation to Curtis, Bertha and Gertie which he wrote in his very best handwriting:


Curtis, Bertha and Gertie were excited and quickly prepared their favourite food to take to the picnic.  Curtis baked a scrumptious banana cake, Bertha made some delicious, honey sandwiches and Gertie picked succulent strawberries from her garden.  Dressed in their best ‘going-on-a-picnic’ clothes, they set off to Friary Wood. 

First, they had to cross a narrow bridge over the river.  Just as they reached the other side, a swarm of bees flew towards them.  “Duck down!” shouted Bertha but the bees stopped in front of them.  “We need some honey.  Can you help us?” asked the largest bee.  Bertha looked at Curtis and Gertie and thought a very long thought.  Slowly, very slowly, she unwrapped the honey sandwiches and the bees devoured the honey gratefully.

Next, they came to a narrow lane with tall trees on both sides.  Swinging through the trees,  a troop of monkeys rushed towards them.  “Keep out of their way!” yelled Curtis but the monkeys stopped in front of them.  “We’ve lost all our bananas, all our banana cakes and banana milkshakes.  Can you help us?” asked the leader of the troop. 

Curtis looked at Bertha and Gertie and thought a very long thought.  Slowly, very slowly, he unwrapped the banana cake and the monkeys gobbled it all up gratefully. 

After that, they reached an old barn which was tumbling down.  Standing right in front of them was a family of very skinny, frightened mice.  “Stop!” whispered Gertie but the mice didn’t run away, they stood right in front of the bears.  “We’re starving, there’s no food left in the barn.  Can you help us?” squeaked the biggest mouse. Gertie looked at Bertha and Curtis and thought a very long thought.  Slowly, very slowly, she took out the strawberries and the mice nibbled them all up gratefully. 

Finally, they reached Friary  Wood.  “Hello, my friends.  Welcome!” boomed Brian.  “ Spread out your food and we can tuck in.”  Curtis, Bertha and Gertie  looked at each other.  “Um, um, we gave it all away,”  said Bertha quietly and the bears told Brian what had happened.  “  Never mind, I have plenty for everyone,”  Brian said cheerfully.  So, the four bears sat down to a scrumptious picnic and chatted and laughed as friendly bears do.


Tuesday 30th June 2020.


Who said what?

Read the story together again.

Draw a line to match the speaker with the correct image.


Wednesday 1st July 2020


Can you answer the questions below?  Try to write in full sentences.



Thursday 2nd July 2020.


Make a list of six different things you would pack in your picnic basket.  Try to write in sentences.  Maybe you could go on a picnic with an adult!  We would love to see some pictures of your picnic basket.


What would you put into your picnic basket?


Friday 3rd July 2020

Collective nouns

A collective noun is the name given for a group of things.

In the extract are a few examples of collective nouns:


A swarm of bees                     




                                                                               A troop of monkeys                    


Can you make a list of other collective nouns?  They can be animals, or objects.


Challenge Activity

Curtis, Bertha and Gertie received this letter when they got home.  Can you write them a letter from the swarm of bees or from the skinny frightened mice?